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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

President Nelson Mandela

The BHS Science Club, Quiz Bowl Team!

The 2019-20 Quiz Bowl team is preparing for competition. Plans are to compete in one competition this year, the National Ocean Sciences Bowl regional competition in Ocean Springs, MS. The regional competition is called the Hurricane Bowl. Mr. Hall's former teams have had great success at this competition and the BHS Quiz Bowl is aiming to continue this success. The most important lesson learned in Quiz Bowl is, SCIENCE IS FUN! Just check out the photos.
Biology I

Biology I

Biology I represent the knowledge and skills needed for students to successfully transition to postsecondary education and the workplace. The standards call for students to:

    • Apply content knowledge
    • Investigate, evaluate, and reason scientifically
    • Connect ideas across disciplines

The life sciences are one of the most rapidly-growing fields among all scientific domains, and they are the reference discipline for biology education. Biology associated careers require considerable knowledge of procedure and content. The introduction of competency-oriented teaching and learning, such as Next Generation Science Standards, stresses a range of skills and abilities that goes far beyond knowledge acquisition.

Biology II/Dual Enrollment

Biology II/Dual Enrollment

Enrollment in Southeastern's Dual Enrollment Program affords students the opportunity to earn high school credit and Southeastern credit simultaneously while remaining in the familiar environment of high school. Since many college students require more than four years to complete a degree, completion of college work while in high school affords the opportunity to complete college degrees in a shorter period of time thereby decreasing the cost of a college education.

Students who are not enrolled in the SLU Dual Enrollment Program may still take the Biology II course at BHS. Students will be rigorously instructed in the same curriculum as those taking the Dual Enrollment course. Assessments for Biology II and Dual Enrollment are different and reflect the nature of the Dual Enrollment college course.


Emergency Medical Responder

The Emergency Medical Responder course will prepare students with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide immediate lifesaving interventions. Emergency Medical Responders are often the first responder to a medical emergency. Students will be trained to evaluate medical conditions and provide assistance to higher-level personnel at the scene of emergencies and during transport. The Emergency Medical Responder course will prepare students to become certified EMRs.


Essentials of Communication - Speech I

Essentials of Communication: A Guide to Interacting Effectively in Today's World™ is a five-unit elective course for high school students. The materials cover fundamentals of the communication process important for successful interaction in a variety of social and professional settings. Students can use the course to gain and apply knowledge about communication theories, characteristics of language and language use, interpersonal relationships, group dynamics, and public speaking in order to interact more effectively with others.

Science Club

BHS Science Club

The Bogalusa High School Science Club's objectives are to: explore and edify members and others about science and related fields, to promote experiences and enjoyment of earth and the sciences, and to prepare members to compete in the SeaPerch Challenge, the National Ocean Science Bowl, The National Science Bowl and other competitions. Our hope is to engender an excitement about the sciences and the technology, engineering and mathematics required to explore those sciences. To learn that SCIENCE IS FUN!