Biology II/Dual Enrollment

Biology II/151 DE is a laboratory-based course designed to study living organisms and their physical environment. Students should apply scientific methods of inquiry and research in examination of: 1)The Chemical Basis of Life, 2)Cell Structure, Function, and Reproduction, 2)Energy, and 3)The Molecular Basis of Genetics.

Emphasis is on developing the ability to ask questions, to observe, to experiment, to measure, to use computers and calculators, to problem solve/reason, to use tools of science, to gather data, and to communicate findings. A portion of the students in the class will be enrolled in Southeastern’s Dual Enrollment GBIO 151: General Biology I course and will receive 3 credit hours upon successful completion. The remainder of students enrolled in Biology II will follow the same curriculum but will not be required to complete chapter assignments and unit tests the DE students are required to do.